Sunday, June 8, 2008

The VP choices of McCain and Obama can decide the election in November

Democratic Barack Obama has a historic opportunity to sweep the November elections by showing courage and true dedication to his ideals by chosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Clinton represents more than 18 million American voters, slightly more than the number of the people in the Democratic Party who voted for Obama.

Anyone else who Obama choses will always live under the shadow of that powerful pairing, and could never bring his candidacy to the heights it can achieve.

John McCain also faces a similar choice, either satisfy the fanatic GOP Jihadists who make up the crazy rightwing of the Republican Party, or chose a running mate who appeals to the growing base of mainstream centrists, many of whom voted for Clinton. Her base is the key to the November elections,w hen all the issues are set aside.

President Bush has destroyed the Middle East and chances for peace, and his war in Iraq is destroying the American economy. It's the economy, though, that can be salvaged and the War in Iraq that must be abandoned immediately.

Ray Hanania

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