Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Revisiting the Orland Park Mosque Controversy

About four years ago on June 21, 2008, residents of Orland Park crammed the Orland Park Civic Center when the Village Board convened a meeting to discuss a proposal to build an Islamic house of worship, a Mosque, in Orland Park. This was one of several meetings that had been held to allow public input that ranged from anger to understanding.

It was one of the most ugly scenes I had ever witnessed. Residents who "testified" against the Mosque plan said that if they build it, Osama Bin Laden would come to Orland Park and murder Americans there.

The Mosque was built. No one has been murdered. But the anger is still alive.

Here is a video news documentary that I produced, in two parts, that examines the controversy from all sides and documents testimony delivered at the public meeting that day.

Part I: "Eyes of the Beholder: The Orland Park Mosque Controversy"

Part II: "Eyes of the Beholder: The Orland Park Mosque Controversy"

Ray Hanania

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