Monday, June 9, 2008

Things that irk me, and others that make me smile in Orland Park

Probably the one thing that really irks me is when drivers park their cars in front of the Orland Park satellite Post Office on 151st Street in the Mall on the west side of the street. The traffic going past the post office is often very busy and with kids and seniors walking in and out, it becomes dangerous for everyone.

Yet, people in perfect health and no handicaps or disabilities are so damn lazy. They park in front, walk in, check their PO Boxes and then walk out. It's no different than parking illegally in a handicapped zone if you ask me.

Here's a photo of an SUV recently that parked in front of the Post office and the lady got out and did her business, like it was no one else's business.


And things that make me smile and remind me why I love living in Orland Park, Illinois:

Here's a shot of some Geese with their gaggle of babies right behind them at one of the dozens of ponds and lakes in Orland Park. It is not unusual foir traffic to literally come to a halt on busy streets like 151st as the geese and their babies waddle across the street. Drivers are often very patient and watch with huge smiles as they cross.

Drivers are very cautious and aware of the geese and the ducks in Orland Park -- the ducks tend to pair up and hang out in backyards.

(This is what you get when you put a camera in my hands :) )
Ray Hanania

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