Friday, June 6, 2008

Darvin TV commercial lame

The Lame Commercial of the Year has to go to Orland Park's Darvin Furniture. A guy who looks like Rahm Emanuel -- you wouldn't know him, he's a congressman for the far north suburbs -- gets up and acts like a "Secretary of Something" at a Presidential press conference. And he takes questions about the government stimulus checks and why they should be spent at Darvin.

Oh yea. That's a smart thing to do. With the economy tanking because of the failed policies of our real President, George W. Bush, spend your extra cash by buying new furniture form Darvin in Orland Park. Instead of being smart and paying down credit card debt.

The commercial wasn't even creative. You couldn't understand the questions. Can it! It's embarassing.

Now, the furniture store that does have creative smarts is Walter E. Smithe Furtniture. They know how to make a commercial. And they're just down the street from Darvin.

Ray Hanania

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