Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Should Orland Park secede from Cook County to avoid the high sales taxes?

Should Orland Park secede from Cook County to avoid the massive and repressive retail sales taxes that are coming our way thanks to Cook County Board President Todd Stroger?

Palatine under progressive mayor Rita Mullins is looking into that possibility.

Here's an interview I did with Mayor Mullins on May 1, 2008 on my Radio Chicagoland radio show ... Click here to Listen to the Podcast with Mayor Mullins discuss the secession proposal. (All of the radio interviews are archived at http://www.radiochicagoland.com/ ... and my separate new audio and video podcasts are available at http://www.themediaoasis.com/.)


Orland Park can secede from Cook County and merge with Will County. It's worth discussing. Stroger's repressive taxes will slam us this Fall. He did it hoping to buy time between the passage of the taxes -- with the help of several Cook County Commissioners.

I think we should organize a petition drive and begin a community discussion.

Ray Hanania

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