Sunday, June 15, 2008

Car accidents make a horrible sound and father's Day, too

We were in our backyard preparing for a backyard barbecue when the distinct sound of an accident took place on 151st Street, about a half a block north. It was that kind of ugly sound that cars make when they slam into each other. This one clearly was that of two cars hammering each other, hard. And then a second later, a second crash followed.

I grabbed the telephone and called 911 to report our suspicion of a car accident minutes after the sound and the 911 operator surprised me to say an Orland Park police officer "is already at the scene."

Wow. That was either a fast response or the police car was driving in the surrounding traffic when the accident took place. Maybe it was at the 7-Eleven when it happened.

It was hard ot tell from observing what happened as the police and medical teams and fire trucks started to arrive quickly. Traffic was backing up in each direction on 151st Street and the hook and ladder was parked in the center of the road behind an ambulance. A fire chief's SUV parked sideways in the middle of the street with lights on to slow traffic in the distance from the west while a police car parked sideways in the middle of the street with lights on to slow traffic coming from the east.

It looked like four cars were involved, or for sure at least three looked like they had damage at the intersection, of course. A fourth car may have witnessed the accident and stopped behind another car.

It must be a terrible thing to happen on a Father's Day for all of the families involved.

Ray Hanania

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