Monday, January 30, 2012

Puppie Mills and protests in Orland Park -- what to do?

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Whenever the protesters are outside of Happiness is Pets protesting from Companion Animal Protection Society, I always honk my horn when I drive by. I love small animals and I think it is great that there is a group of activists who are fighting to insure that little animals like puppies are treated fairly and protected.

The idea that anyone would abuse a small animal is repulsive. The story about the U.S. Marine who threw a small dog over a ledge in Iraq so he and his soldier pals could video tape it for YouTube really angered me. And I was glad that another guy who recently kicked a small kitten like a football is facing charges, and the cat is okay.

But, I am not sure about the controversy at Happiness is Pets, where the protesters have been gathering when they can. Their protest is symbolic, for now. But is Happiness is Pets doing the right thing or the wrong thing? I don't know.

I'd like the owner of Happiness is Pets to put out a statement and declare unequivocally that he is not getting pets from the puppy mils. I think no animal should be purchased from a puppy mill, but more importantly, I think legislators should pass a law that would require that puppy mills be inspected regularly and frequently. And the law should shut down those puppy mills if they inspectors discover abuses that protesters claim are occurring.

Today, the Southtown/Star did a nice piece on the confrontation that erupted in from of the Happiness is Pets store on 94th Avenue in Orland Park. (Click here to read it or just take my word for it that there was a back and forth and the police were called. The Southtown has this policy forcing you to subscribe to the online news which is ridiculous. I buy it at the newsstands when I need it, but not everyday. That's another story.)

I'd like to know, though, what the owner of Happiness is Pets has to say about the complaints that their puppies are purchased from a puppy mill. I'd like the protesters to say which puppy mill their animals are purchased at. I think the Southtown/Star needs to do more reporting because not enough information is there to give good answers -- they covered the flash-up between the two sides, but not the substance of the issue. And that's one reason why I don't pay for online service, except for one. The media is not doing enough to provide answers.

All I know is that I do not want to support a retailer who sells small animals that have been raised in abusive surroundings like puppy mills.

Yet, my little Maltese, Jordy, was purchased at Happiness is Pets in January of 2002. He was in good health, although over the years he had issues. I'd still buy him and glad we did despite his health problems. I don't blame Happiness is Pets, but I do ask again, where do you buy your puppies. You have a responsibility to tell the public. Until you do, I think the protesters have an absolute right and responsibility to be there to help you make the right decisions.

-- Ray Hanania
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  1. I purchased our Lhasa/Poo, Daisy, from Happiness is Pets. She has been the best dog I ever had. She is now 13 and runs around like a puppy. I asked if they purchased their puppies from Puppy Mills and they said at that time they did not. Who is to know. I commend people for caring for our innocent little friends. I am against Puppy Mills.