Sunday, January 1, 2012

Illinois Review and Fran Eaton continue racist bashing

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Poor little Illinois Review. They began a fight with me by attacking me and hiding their own racist bigotry that finally did come out in their multiple posts. But I took them on directly and confronted their lies and racism and now they are saying they are not goign to waste any more time on me, trying to connect me with Rod Blagojevich.

What a bunch of immature babies. Fran Eaton is the worst, a hypocrite who throws mud at people who criticize her personal friends and cronies like Jeff Junkass, the Tea Party extremist who was beaten by State Rep. Kevin McCarthy in 2010. When I criticized Junkas, Fran Eaton went berserk and starting attacking me, first saying that she wasn't pimping for Junkas (when she was) and then later attacking me because of my Arab heritage, which she and Illinois Review -- a racist publication with a racist past record -- published their second attack against me.

But when the protests came in hot and heavy against them, and their racism raised an ugly specter about their bigotry, they suddenly decided they want out of the hole they dug.

You are exposed Fran Eaton as a hypocrite, racist bigot. You can erase what you wrote to cover it up, and post updates to push evidence of racism down but everyone saw it.

And then to claim that somehow Rod Blagojevich is any more a friend than a friend of theirs (I never met or interviewed the former Governor even though I felt the sentence against him was too stiff), they can't say the same for the morons they hang around with.

Bring it on Fran Eaton and Illinois Review. I don't mind calling your bluff, exposing your poor writing, bad grammar and inaccurate reporting. Oh, and you won how many journalism awards? That's right. Just what I thought. Horrible people. Terrible publication. Exposed for the frauds that they are.

Click here to read my last response to their continued attacks. But they have been beaten down. Pathetic!!!

-- Ray Hanania

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