Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fran Eaton's pathetic attempt to help her pal Dan Patlak

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Recently, as many South Suburbanites know from reading my columns, Fran Eaton, a rightwing political activist hack attacked me in her column at a little-known blog called "Illinois Review." Eaton has been campaigning to turn the Republican Party into a pantry for the Tea Party so she and her pals, other rightwing nut jobs, can take over. That's what she has been working on for years.

Click here to read my columns on the "Eaton scandal."

During the scuffle, Eaton and the Illinois Review denied that she was pals with Patlak. Really? That's a joke.

Just a few weeks ago Eaton wrote a scathing column attacking the Cook County Board of Review. (Click here to read that column.) Pretty obvious what she is saying, right. She's attacking the Board of Review and blaming all of the Board's problems and Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (which is ridiculous, by the way) and on the Democrats.

In fact -- and here is where the Eaton pro-Tea Party spin machine falls in to place -- Eaton wrote:
The powers-that-be who control the county board and county offices as well as the board of review (which hears tax assessment appeals) are all Democrats and so solidly in place that few, if any, challenge them during elections. It’s meaningless for the most part, and those in power know it. Welcome to the “benefits” of one-party rule.
"... Are all Democrats ..." at the Cook County Board of Review. Hmmm. Why would she write that? Well, her pal, her buddy, her chum Dan Patlak is a member of the Cook County Board of Review. But Patlak is a Republican endorsed by the Republican Party and by Fran Eaton.

"all Democrats?"

How does that get by an editor of her columns?

Patlak is as Republican as they come. In fact, the Republican Party is divided over Patlak and Sean Morrison, which is one reason why Eaton hates Cook County's leading Republican champion Elizabeth "Liz" Doody Gorman. Gorman is a leader of the moderate, mainstream Republican Party. She represents everyday, average taxpayers and voters. She's been targeted by Eaton and Eaton's "creepy" friends. ("Creepy" is a word that Eaton and the Illinois Review use often to disparage anyone who disagrees with them, but they are the real creeps!)

Gorman is backing Morrison. Eaton and the Illinois Review are backing Patlak.

Eaton wouldn't disparage Patlak in her column bashing the Democrats because at least one of those "Democrats" -- Dan Patlak -- is a Fran Eaton Republican.

Here's a nice picture of the objective Eaton and Patlak together at the Republican State Fair in August 2011. (From Patlak's web page)

Here is Fran Eaton's writings attacking Sean Morrison to help Patlak, in one of the blogosphere's most rightwing blogs, making the bizarre claim that Morrison, who is a registered Republican, isn't a Republican at all. (To Eaton, anyone who isn't a Tea Party right wing fanatic is not Republican enough.) Click here to read that endorsement of Patlak from the Illinois Review's Eaton.

It was when I criticized another pal of Eaton and the Illinois Review, Jeff Junkas, that Eaton went spazz on me. Junkas did extremely well in the 2010 election against State Rep. Kevin McCarthy even though the Republican Party was split and Junkas did not have all the support. That's why, I wrote, that McCarthy decided to get out of the race to let State Rep Renee Kosel, a moderate mainstream Republican backed by Gorman take the district in the November elections. (Click here to read the column that lit Eaton's chubby fuse.)

Nice hack job Eaton! You're pathetic like the extremists you hang around with.

-- Ray Hanania

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