Sunday, January 1, 2012

Poor Illinois Review and Fran Eaton, can't get their facts right but they love racist hate

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The Illinois Review is a blog. It's not a real reputable journalism source. It is a launching pad for right-wing nut jobs like Fran Eaton.

And the thing that nut jobs really hate is when they are taken to task, as I have recently skewered Fran Eaton and her writings. (She's not very good but that isn't as bad as her inability to get the facts right.)

Eaton launched a vicious attack against me last week when I wrote about the decision by State Rep. Kevin McCarthy to resign from his legislative seat. He did so because the state remapped districts and Republican State Rep. Renee Kosel, a Republican powerhouse from New Lenox/Mokena region decided to run in that 37th district. I noted, accurately, that McCarthy got a pass in two prior elections in 2006 and 2008 but faced a stiff challenge from an unknown (and thin-skinned) rightwing nut job Jeff Junkas. Click here to read the column which has been picked up and circulated throughout the state.

Junkas is a rightwing crackpot with no real substance. Just a lot of yelling, screaming and anger. he is also a GOOD FRIEND with Fran Eaton who is now distancing herself from him hoping that she can pretend to be objective and promote his candidacy to give her pals a leg-up in local politics. (They haven't been doing well at all.)

Eaton, like Junkas, hates moderate and mainstream Republicans like Kosel and Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz" Doody Gorman. Liz is the leading Republican in Cook County. Because I have written some columns praising Gorman, while criticizing Junkas, Illinois Review unleashed their poodle, Fran Eaton, to lumber through some ridiculous column (taken from the Chicago Sun-Times) about McCarthy's plight attacking me to defend the honor of Mr. Junk-ass. They referred to Southwest Suburban politics as "creepy."

No. The only thing creepy is Fran Eaton.

So I responded to Eaton's inaccuracies (as noted in the link above.)

And Illinois Review responded last night attacking me again. They can't get their facts right, as usual.

Eaton has never been a good writer and she is a journalistic fraud. She's an activist pimping for political pals of Illinois Review. Everyone knows that. But Illinois Review can promote the charade that they are objective all they want. No one believes them.

Here's their most recent personal attack. (Click to read their racist attack.) Note at the end when they can't provide any facts to contradict my points in my columns, they resort to racism and hatred. (Yes, I am Palestinian Arab, though they think I am Muslim. My wife Alison and my son are Jews. And I write for the Jerusalem Post, a real newspaper, unlike Eaton. And I stand up for peace in the Middle East, something the nut jobs in the Arab community dislike too -- ah, Eaton is much like the very people she despises!) When you can't attack the facts you attack the messenger and when you have nothing of substance to say about the messenger, you resort to racism.

So now Fran Eaton and the Illinois Review are racist. Why am I not surprised? The fact that Eaton and Illinois Review have to resort to racism and hate is not surprising since they are defending the segment of the Tea Party that has used racism and hatred as a part of their far right wing ideology. They are living proof of my contention that the Tea Party has some racist bigots among their ranks. (Thanks Fran for the proof.)

They are no different than the Jew-hating sites like Ilhras that constantly attack me.

-- Ray Hanania

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