Saturday, May 23, 2009

Opening of the Gaelic Park Irish Fest was tremendous

The Gaelic Park Irish festival once again achieved a high mark in fun and entertainment. With six stages offering music, culture and magicians and more, the entertainment was non-stop and impressive. I loved the magicians, the professionals and the localswere all great.

They had a good selection of carnival rides and games. Lots of stuff to do, although the cost to get in is expensive. (We went early and took advantage of the half-price entrance -- $20 for two adults and a child).

And the FOOD was great. Good food. Great drinks. We spent the whole of Friday afternoon and night there enjoying every minute. They also had an animal farm with rides and a petting zoo. (Bring the hand sanitizer. It's a great habit to learn like wearing your seatbelts.)

I hope Orland Days can do as good. I'll give it a try this week. We have to support our local festival. And I hope the Lions have gotten their act together to put together something impressive -- although they really could still use more media help.

-- Ray Hanania

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