Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Huge coyote wandering Windsor Drive this morning

There is something fascinating about a coyote. They way it walks ike its carefully eying every movement around it. It's head sways from side to side as it looks around as it crosses Kingston Street from the yard of one of my neighbors.

It was around midnight and I was leeting the dog out for a few minutes after staying up to do some writing before bed. It was as large as a full grown German Shepherd. Under the bright street light, it looked like its coat was made of coarse hair. Gray. White tips. Long but full face.

It crossed the street and walked across another neighbor's lawn and then walked right onto Windsor Drive and pranced up the street for a few houses before dodging into the yard of another neighbor.

Police Chief Tim McCarthy has cautioned that one attraction for these wild animals is food that they easily find left outside by homeowners. They're smart enough to sniff the food out and grab it and be gone. But there is also a threat to small animals, mostly at night. Although I have seen small packs at the Silverlake Country Club this past winter.

-- Ray Hanania

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