Friday, May 29, 2009

Beautiful Irish Setter, seen at 151st and Windsor Dr Friday

A beautiful Irish Setter, with two collars but no dog tags, was at 151st and Windsor Drive at around 9:45 PM Friday night, May 29 in Orland Park.

I was able to get close to it. It was very friendly, but spooked a bit. There were no dog tags. I didn't try to restrain it because it was frightened and clearly lost. Unsure of where it was.

The dog ran north and crossed 151st Street to Sheehy's Funeral Home. I called the police at 349-4111 to report the dog just in case someone had reported it lost or missing.

Unfortunately, there is no central place to quickly report lost dog sightings. Sadly, it didn't have a dog tag with any numbers on it either. I wish there was a place online where people can quickly access to report lost dogs and lost dog sightings. Maybe even post a photograph.

The Orland Park police did say they would search for it. Hopefully they found it and hopefully, the dog will find its way back to its home.

A dog like that could easily run for miles. It didn't look familiar.

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