Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As we first reported, County rolls back the Todd Stroger sales tax in two-steps, not four

Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman's plan to roll back the "Todd Stroger Sales Tax," named in honor of beleaguered Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, was adopted this afternoon after superceding an original plan to do it four steps. The board approved a final version that rolls it all back in one move by Jan. 2010.

Gorman told the OrlandParker.com two weeks ago that she planned the introduce the tougher rollback and to force Stroger to trim back on wasteful spending that is mainly in his offices. Stroger can eliminate relatives and patronage off the payroll and cut his staff from 25 communications experts to five, for example. In fact, if Stroger initiated the cuts in his office first, most of the rest of the county would also trim back services and tighten their belts.

But Stroger, an inexperienced neophyte at the game who inherited the job with no real county experience following the death of his popular father, John Stroger, who was put in power with the backing of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Gorman will be on WJJG 1530 AM Radio at 4 PM CST/Central time discussing the rollback (http://www.radiochicagoland.com/). Invites also went out to Cook County Board Commissioner Larry Suffredin.

Stayed tuned for updates on this taxpayer victory!

-- Ray Hanania

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