Thursday, June 16, 2011

My full letter to the Daily Southtown responding to Kathy Quilty's attacks against the Orland Fire Protection District

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Dear Editor:

The new board of the Orland Fire Protection District was given a very clear mandate in the last election, to trim costs, make the district more transparent, and end the nepotism and insider preferences that were the foundation of the two new board member's campaigns. Now the election is over, the new board, with the two new members and one incumbent member, have begun to change the OFPD along these lines.

Kathy Quilty, a member of the District 230 School Board, has tried to make the issue one of personality and politics (in her letter, June 14). She needs to do a better job at the High school district and confront many of the outstanding issues there. But more importantly the new board wants to eliminate any appearances of favoritism towards the internal workings of the district. I don't recall Quilty complaining about the excessive spending, the secret contracts, the golden parachutes, lack of transparency and insider deals that plagued the former board.

The new board is intent on making the OFPD more transparent and as that begins, the taxpayers may be shocked by some of the things that took place.

People should respect the wishes of the taxpayers and support the changes, not obstruct them or confuse the issues to protect their friends. The Fire Department and Fire Fighters are an important part of the community. They put their lives on the line everyday to protect the community. That respect and support for their dedicated work will never change. But, the new board is intent on changing what a small group of people, like Quilty, are trying to protect.

The public deserves to know what has occurred at the board and to be informed fully as the new board moves forward.

Ray Hanania
Orland Fire Protection District

Here is the letter the Southtown published, edited:

-- Ray Hanania

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