Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gormans vindicated by bankruptcy judge

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It was one of the most vicious and hateful campaigns, launched against Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz" Gorman and her husband, Gerry Gorman. The political jokers who slammed the Gorman's did so to pursue her success and her defense of the taxpayers of Cook County. They threw mud and they defamed Gorman in order to confuse voters and take control of the district. In the end, the Gorman haters lost out and they lost out big time.

The critics were a former cook county board commissioner (whose name isn't worth repeating), his pal in a north suburban township, two trustees in Orland Park, a former fire protection district silver-spooned son pushed in to the county race by an overly ambitious father with political ties, and a consortium of other critics from low-lifes to selfish opportunists. Another was a mediocre media consultant at a prominent Republican lobbying firm headed by the wife of a former Illinois Governor. None of them are worth mentioning by name.
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But in the end, Liz and Gerry Gorman beat them all.

Liz Gorman has remained true to her commitment to the taxpayers of Cook County. She was not distracted from that goal by the vicious attacks. She stood her ground and pushed on, taking down her critics one at a time. The media was never generous to her, yet she persisted and focused on the objective to fight for the rights of taxpayers. Despite all the attacks, and criticism and namecalling and ugly defamation, Gorman wouldn't drop the ball to fight against the one percent sales tax hike that Todd Stroger had shoved down the throats of voters before being kicked out of office himself. While other commissioners were ready to roll over, Gorman refused, despite the constant attacks.

The bankruptcy ordeal and the lawsuits filed by the Chrysler Corporation -- her husband once owned a dealership which went under as did thousands of other good businesses -- were tossed out recently. One of the worst auto conglomerates, Chrysler went after the Gormans and after dozens of other dealership owners to punish them. But a Judge threw the Chrysler lawsuits out against the Gorman business on Monday. (Read story.)

Turns out that the Gorman's were right and the cabal of political losers were wrong. And turns out that the voters saw through the mudslinging against the Gormans and the namecalling and the vicious attacks by the politically jealous wannabes.

Bankruptcies in today's terrible economy are a fact of life. But to use them to assault one's character simply for political reasons is the lowest of low. It's even lower to attack someone who has fought so hard to help the economy-burdened taxpayers in Cook County.

No one has fought harder for the rights of Cook County voters than Liz Gorman. So to all the losers out there who tried to beat the Gormans, suck on your rotten egg morons. The Gorman's beat you all.

-- Ray Hanania
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