Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Southtown endorses Liz Gorman over her mudslinging foe Mark Thompson

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The Southtown/Star came out with a powerful endorsement of Liz Gorman in today's editorial:

Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth Doody Gorman (R-Orland Park) is a strong, consistent, dutiful voice on the Cook County Board for her constituents.
She earns our endorsement as the candidate for Republican primary voters in the 17th District.
She faces Mark Thompson, of Des Plaines.
On the board, Gorman repeatedly has shown her loyalty lies with a district that encompasses much of the southwest suburbs. She also has shown an independent streak, working well with both Democrats and Republicans to accomplish what's good for Cook County.
She fought President Todd Stroger over his 1 percent sales tax.
She voted against the hiring of Stroger cousin Donna Dunnings as the county's chief financial officer.
She sponsored and worked to pass legislation that requires county contractors to disclose any family times to Cook County government.
She lead the push to remove disgraced Cook County schools Supt. Charles Flowers from office, even though Republicans created the office a decade earlier so folks such as Flowers could exist. Gorman, in fact, was the only commissioner to vote against extending a $190,000 loan to Flowers back in 2008 - a loan he eventually defaulted on.
She spearheaded efforts to get more south suburban representation on the Metra board.
For all of those reasons, Gorman deserves another shot at continuing what she's started on the board

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