Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Egg thrower sues homeowner for defending home is voted top ridiculous lawsuit

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Faces of Lawsuit Abuse blog asked readers to vote on which of five lawsuits was the most ridiculous. And there results show that the case of the boy who alleged egged an Orland Park home and then was roughly handled by the homeowners who chased him and is now suing those homeowners is the most ridiculous lawsuit filed.

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The other lawsuits considered include:

January 2010

Woman trips over 'wet floor' sign, sues movie theater (7.39%)
Woman sues restaurant for $5 million for sending her 3 text messages (23.48%)
Convicted killer sues to receive electrolysis as part of state-funded sex change (31.3%)
Teenager forced to clean up the house he egged sues homeowner for $100K (35.65%)
Star Trek fan sues for $7 million over $24k in memorabilia not as unique as he assumed (2.18%)

-- Ray Hanania

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  1. Should have make him clean the mess up with his tongue