Sunday, August 31, 2008

Orland Park Mall continues to have security problems ... and no one seems to care

This letter was sent to me -- and has been published in some local newspapers. It's pathetic how this woman was apparently mistreated when her wallet was stolen from the Children's Play Area near Penny's in the Orland Park Shopping Mall. (One of the advantages of all the huge retail magnets we have here that NO ONE in government is willing ot talk about. But why should they. We're a "Happy Talk" community and rated among -- dropping almost off -- the top 100 communities according to Money Magazine. Doesn't everyone read Money Magazine?


On April 30, my wallet was stolen from the children's play area of Orland Square Mall.

I contacted mall security and they told me I had to contact Orland Park police to file a report. I asked if the area was under video surveillance and security told me no.

Once OP police arrived I was given a report number. I told the officer that the girl walked through JC Penny's, and I could identify her. He told me there was nothing he could do, and that I should check the women's restroom garbage cans for my wallet. Then I proceeded to beg a manager in Penny's to let me view their video cameras so I could identify the girl and see what car she got into. The manager said it happened on mall property and not in their store, so the camera can't be reviewed -- even though the play area is just outside Penny's.

So, basically, video cameras are for the benefit of the store and not ours, the shoppers' sake. At almost 38 weeks pregnant, I felt totally violated and helpless because nobody was willing to help.

I write this letter to inform all of you that we are not safe or protected at Orland Mall and probably at most stores we frequent. This will happen again, and I'm sure these crimes go unreported. The children's area should also be under video surveillance. What if a child is abducted????

Please pass this around to ANYONE you know that shops there. Thanks for helping spread the word!!


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