Saturday, August 30, 2008

LongHorn Steakhouse: Highly recommended Orland Restaurant

I used to go to the Texas Roadhouse but the wait was always long, it was too far to drive, and sometimes the food was inconsistent. Now, there's a new cowboy in town, pardner ... Longhorn Steahouse at 15531 S. LaGrange Road, Orland Park (708) 403-2206. This is their second location, the other in at 95th and Pulaski in Oak Lawn, Orland Park's older community sibling. The Porterhouse was phenomenal, a bit pricey, but great. And best of all the wait-staff was very attentive. They didn't bother me but where there when I needed something which means they were monitoring their customers well and only coming up when it looked like they need something or they were doing routine check-ins. I hate checkins that happen too often and constantly interrupt the dinner, but I love it when they watch and can tell if a customer needs something. Kara was the best!

There are a lot of new restaurants in Orland. Not all are that great. But this one deserves your attention.

-- Ray Hanania

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