Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Celebrity Sightings: Kanye West's FatBurger coming to Orland Park

Orland Park has a lot of celebrities. Crains Chicago Business reports that the first "Fatburger" owned by hip-hop/rapper and George Bush-critic Kanye West will be opening sometime next month in Orland Park. The 2,353-square-foot, 74-seat restaurant will be at 15110 S. La Grange Road, near the intersection of 143rd Street.

Kanye owns "KW Foods LLC," which has rights throgh the Santa Monica, Calif.-based burger chain Fatburger Corp, to develop 10 Fatburgers in the Chicago area with the first in Orland Park and a second in Evergreen Park next year.

Orland is a magnet for celebrities, especially sports and entertainers. We have lots of them including Buddy Guy, a few Bears and Sox players, and, if you haven't see the entourage following R Kelly (Robert Sylvester, web site http://www.r-kelly.com/). The rapper and singer-singwriter hangs out at LifeTime with a huge entourage. Not exactly the way to remain anonymous, I guess. But, the R-man raises eyebrows and high-fives followed by a network almost as large as the one in that cell phone commercial.

Welcome Kanye. Word is the food is great and we're glad to have you here.

Now, some people have told me they also used to see Bernie Mac, who is from Chicago originally, hanging out at a cigar bar in Orland Park with his oxygen tank at his side and the breathing tubes in his nose, while puffing on a cigar. Just before Mac's deasth, he performed as a warmup for an appearance by Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. Mac cussed his way through the riffs and drew a mild rebuke from Obama, who then said, eh was just joking. But staffers later insisted Obama had criticized some of the Mac's comments.

Let us know of any other celebrity sightings in Orland Park or the region.

Ray Hanania

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