Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who voted how in screwing the taxpayers by refusing to repeal the Sales Tax

Breakdown of who screwed the public at Tuesday's Cook County Board meeting:

Voting For Sales Tax Reduction (Yeaaaaa1)
Forrest Claypool (D-12th)
Mike Quigley (D-10th)
Tony Peraica (R-16th)
Liz Doody-Gorman (R-17th)
Peter Silvestri(R-9th)
Gregg Goslin, (R-14th)
Tim Schneider (R-15th)

Voting to Maintain Sales Tax Hike (Boooooo!)
Earlean Collins, (D-1st)
Robert Steele, (D-2nd)
Jerry Butler, (D-3rd)
Bill Beavers, (D-4th)
Deborah Sims, (D-5th)
Joan Murphy, (D-6th)
Joe Moreno, (D-7th)
Roberto Maldonado, (D-8th)
John Daley, (D-11th)
Larry Suffredin, (D-13th)

At least for Orland Park residents, Gorman came through.

The worst part is not one of the Sales Tax proponents protested President Todd Stroger's insult to them when he refused to allow the rperesentatives for the people speak out against the sales tax. Stroger arrogantly appeared before reporters after boasting he's been doing a great job.

Yes, a great job at screwing the public, Todd!

Ray Hanania

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