Monday, July 28, 2008

Taste of Orland is one of the region's BEST EVENTS

The one thing I can't argue about is that Taste of Orland Park is one of the best events in the Southwest Suburbs, far better than even Taste of Chicago.

You get better food at Taste of Orland Park. It's not gigantic but it is roomy and they have booths that run up and down the parking lot south of the Orland Park Civic Center. They're very affordable.

The entertainment of okay. But remember, this isn't Chicago. It's budget-strapped Orland Park where Chicago's 19th Ward really goes by the name "Ward #1."

Here's a list of the restaurants that will be at Taste of Orland Park, beginning this Friday August 1 through August 3 -- with my reviews of each and every one of them, of course:

Buca Di Beppo -- You get more bang for the buck here than anywhere else. This is one of my local favorites. You get too much food here, but who's complaining. The Veal Limon is my favorite, hen I go there.

Café Gaston -- Very classy. Perfect for breakfast. It has this stylish outdoor cafe. It's one of those places where you might imagine writers, socialites, creative types and other community leaders pausing to enjoy a great meal.

Cold Stone Creamery -- Never been there.

Cooper’s Hawk -- Never been there.

Ichiro Japanese -- Love this place, too. The Sushi is a bit pricey. Still, it's the best Sushi around, short of driving all the way downtown or near north in Chicago.

Mo’s Chinese Kitchen -- Beef Fried Rice is tops here. Very affordable and the perfect place to get Chinese food.

Oberweis Dairy -- Okay, the owner is a goof. A little too conservative for me, but you don't have to vote for him to love his ice cream. It's great.

Orland Meat Market & Deli -- Never been there.

Palermo’s of Orland Park -- I had an okay experience here, but I prefer the Oak Lawn Palermo's when it's open. Weird hours. They have this great stuffed artichoke -- sometimes. And the Veals, pastas and salads are great.

Papa Joe’s of Orland Park -- Went there once and didn't suit my tastes.

Plaza Café -- The absolute very best Steak Skillet in Orland Park and I have TRIED THEM ALL! The pancake house down the stret doesn't even come close to this place. Too bad the village is shoving them out of the plaza at 143rd and LaGrange Road.

R.C. Mulligan’s -- Not bad. Great place to have a Genuine Draft.

Rock Bottom Brewery -- Never been there.

Sam Maguire’s -- Okay.

Taj Mahal -- Didn't like the buffet at all. And I love Indian cuisine. I prefer downtown or on Devon Avenue in Chicago.

94 West -- Sunday Brunch here doesn't come any better. It is the best int he Southwest Suburbs. Very classy. Thsi si the place you want to be for those special occasions like an anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just plain dinner! Love it! The owner will have those little steak sandwiches again this year. Can't wait.

Here's the link to the Village of Orland Park's promotional flyer on the event. Enjoy it?

Ray Hanania

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