Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hypocrisies abound on Cook County Board to silence Peraica's fight against the sales tax hike

You can listen to my podcast with Cook County Board Commissioner Anthony Tony Peraica on my audio podcast web page at Peraica calls out Board President Todd Stroger who cut public discussion ont he oppressive sales tax he authored, which gives the City of Chicago the dubious honor of having the highest sales tax in the nation, 10.25 percent, and his colleagues for hypocrisy including Commissioners Larry Suffredin and Debra Sims, who said it's not the tax chasing people to buy in other counties, but public discussion about that tax that is pushing other counties to keep their taxes low to attract Cook County residents. (Commissioner Suffredin is dead wrong on this issue, although he has taken the appropriate pro-taxpayer stand on other issues. We agree with Peraica's assessment that Suffredin is being a hypocrite on the sales tax issues. Here is how one of Suffredin's supporters defended Suffredin's vote in favor of the sales tax increase, from the commissioner's web page.)

Also go to to read my column on the topic.

AND, view Ray Hanania's World comic strip on the fli-flopping at the Cook County Board on the Todd Stroger oppressive Sales Tax increase. Go there?

Ray Hanania

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