Saturday, September 21, 2013

New garbage cans delivered today in Orland Park

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New garbage cans delivered today in Orland Park

Waste Management delivered new gray garbage cans today, to every home. They're larger than the blue recycling cans and way larger than the old garbage can, which is obsolete. It should automate the collection process without requiring someone to lift the heavy cans. I hope people are not losing jobs over this.

The funny thing is we have way more recycling these days than garbage. The new can is so large, sometimes we only have one bag each week. We recycle everything. 

They said they will be collecting the recycling each week instead of every other week in Orland Park. That does make sense. I wish we could swap and use the blue ones for garbage and the gray ones for recycling.

Truck delivering the cans house-to-house in Orland Park all day today. You can hear the "thud" as each can is dropped on the street and then rolled onto the driveways of each home. Each can is numbered and the delivery person has to log in each new number with each home.

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