Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Middle East restaurant coming to Orland Park, one of Northern Illinois' best

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It's called the Nile Restaurant and it's located in a strip mall at 87th and Harlem Avenue in Bridgeview. For the most part, mostly Middle Eastern men eat there. Some Americans. It's like a community insider's preference.

But it is the best Middle East restaurant in Northern Illinois, by far surpassing every other restaurant in a 100 mile radius of the Southwest Suburbs. No restaurant comes close to the food. But it is spartan. Stripped bare with essentials, only. Not the kind of place a family would go to enjoy an afternoon lunch or an evening dinner.

That will change soon, though, with the opening of The Nile II in Orland Park in the Jewel Osco Mall at 159th and 94th Avenue, where the Pita Oven tried and failed to work. The new Nile restaurant is bringing over the chef from 87th Street that has given that restaurant its phenomenal reputation. American Arabs know to go there when they can. The food is simply perfection.

The Mensiff -- lamb, rice, pita bread and the Jameed (lamb milk based sauce), is superb. No one makes it better than The Nile. It's usually the featured dinner on Fridays, which is the Muslim sabbath.

When it opens, you have to try this place. If you like Middle Eastern food, you will absolutely love The Nile II when it opens.

So many Middle East restaurants have tried and failed. Al Bawadi in Bridgeview is good and among the region's best, but it can't compete with The Nile.

-- Ray Hanania


  1. I used to like the Nile better but Bawadi crushes the Nile in terms of quality. The Nile is great for breakfast and the Bawadi is the place to go for dinner..Neverthless I am happy to see the Nile in Orland as they have yummy food

  2. Bawadi is good but it is VERY expensive and that's an issue unfortunately.

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