Monday, February 27, 2012

Slander campaign targets Morrison: he must be gaining on Patlak

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Dan Patlak, the Republican candidate on the Board of Review which used to be called the Board of Tax Appeals, is in political trouble. His election isn't doing very well and he knows it. 

That's why allies of Patlak, who is the darling of the Tea Party movement and beloved by Illinois Review scribe Fran Eaton, are pushing a slander campaign against Morrison, using a phony web site called "Sean Morrison Fact Check." But the web site doesn't have many facts and neither does Illinois Review. (Click here to read Illinois Review's most recent slanderous attack against Morrison.)

Instead, it has a lot of distortion.

Now, a web site that throws mud is not unusual in Illinois politics -- just read the Illinois Review any time and Eaton's lobbying columns pushing her right wing conservative Republican pals. That place throws more mud than a pig at the County Fair.

What the web site does reveal, though, is that the Patlak campaign must be in political election trouble. Polls show that Morrison is favored over Patlak by mainstream Republican voters.

Why else would backers of Patlack resort to a mudslinging campaign unless the polls and voter response shows that Morrison is doing far better than they would wish?

Republican Party Chairman Patrick Brady is also doing Robo-Calls to help Patlak, another indicator that the Tea Party is concerned about Patlak losing the election. Brady's Robo-calls were paid for by the Patlak Campaign. They're desperate. 

Brady is a good guy but the Republicans are making a major mistake. They think an internal fight for the Board of Review seat hurts the party. No. It doesn't hurt the party. It would help energize Republican voters, one of the big problems the Republican Party has had for a long time in Illinois. So they go for what they think are the sure thing, but follow the wrong people, like Eaton and Illinois Review.

Believe me, if Patlak were winning in the March 20 Republican Primary in a clean sweep, he wouldn't need the help of a slander web site like "Sean Morrison Fact Check." He'd do what any true leader in an election would do and ignore Morrison. But Patlak can't ignore Morrison because Morrison is gaining steam. Morrison has the backing of Cook County Commissioner and Taxpayer advocate Elizabeth "Liz" Doody-Gorman. Gorman was the commissioner who, despite Eaton's attacks, managed to give the weak-kneed county board the spine to stand up and battle Tod Stroger's 1 Cent Sales Tax increase. She had to push her legislationt o repeal the Stroger tax through the board three times before the board finally gave in and rallied around her move.

Thank goodness for that. Taxpayers were about to cough up another $500 million each year in Sales Tax donations to the Cook County sink hole. Gorman saved that. And that gives Gorman a lot of cache with voters that she can and has used to help other candidates.

Morrison is one good candidate, too. Patlak has been roping in the State GOP which has done so little in Illinois.

It's all very politically suspicious.

So Patlak is concerned. And that's why he has to hammer Morrison. Because the numbers clearly show that Morrison is doing very well in Cook County's suburbs, where Gorman's district is the heart. So the "Fact Check" web site was set up to beat up on Morrison, anonymously.

Yes, the owner of the domain name is "anonymous, which tells you even more about the fear that the Patlak team must have of Morrison's campaign. But it is traced to a controversial Internet Registry Company called 1&1 Internet. Click here to read all about them.

Yes, they wouldn't be attacking Morrison so viciously if they didn't think that his candidacy wasn't strong. 

Maybe Patlak doesn't have anything to do with the slander web site attacking Morrison. He could prove it by denouncing the site and trying to expose its authors.

But I doubt that is going to happen.

Morrison is winning this race and Patlack's nervous allies know it. 

Oh, and just in case you didn't think the Tea Party was involved, Jeff Junkas is doing everything he can to slam Morrison too, posting outrageous accusations against Morrison on Facebook. 

When Junkas and Eaton and Patlak get together, you know there is some misinformation being floated in all this.

Here is what Morrison has said about the smear campaign launched by Patlak and his campaign supporters like Eaton, Israel Smith and Chris Robbling (Mr. I love you one day and hate you the next). Click here to read the statement.

-- Ray Hanania

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