Sunday, July 31, 2011

So empty, so good,not that expensive

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We decided to try the new restaurant, It's Greek to Me at 131st and LaGrange Road. Of course, it is a hassle to  get in to the strep mall that is part of the home development there. I figured, it's not convenient but we can give it a try.

The prices were high but not too high. The food was good. I ordered lamb shank. It was kind of skimpy and tough. My wife had the Greek salad. I wondered why we would go to It's Greek to Me to enjoy a salad when it is so much easier -- and cheaper -- to enjoy a soup and salad at Olive Garden?

It was a clean place, but it didn't seem too crowded for lunch Friday. I think it's a great place for the people who live in the old golf course. But it needs better access so I don't have to twist and turn to get there off LaGrange.

It was nice. Not that notable. A little pricey, but decent. Is that a good enough reason to eat someplace? I don't know.

-- Ray Hanania

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