Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orland Park hit by brownouts every day this week

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For the fourth time this week, Orland Park neighborhoods were hit with ComEd brown outs. What are they doing? No one knows. They just shut down the electricity for up to two hours. Take it or leave it.

What is ComEd doing? Did we have a power outage or is ComEd managing electrical service to spread it around to compensate for their poor service? ComEd is owned by Exelon. Exelon makes huge profits and its CEO is paid millions in wages. ComEd is losing money and begs for state subsidies and rate hikes. It's a shell game.

Much of their problem has to do with their failure to communicate well. They don't do a good job of informing the public. Their PR stinks and their explanations of their phony relationship with Exelon leave the public suspicious about rate hike needs.

But the worst part is they just do whatever they want and they don't care. They tell you they care, but their actions of uncaring speak louder than their empty words.

-- Ray Hanania

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