Friday, May 20, 2011

Work Completed the Week of May 16, 2011: 143rd and LaGrange

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Work Completed the Week of May 16, 2011: 143rd and LaGrange

• The contractor continued their concrete crushing operation.
• The contractor completed removal of the asphalt and concrete pavement along LaGrange Road.
Temporary driveways have been constructed to maintain business access across these removal
• The contractor completed Stage 1 storm sewer along the west leg of 143rd Street.
• The contractor remediated unsuitable soils along the 143rd Street roadway.
• The contractor graded 143rd Street to subgrade elevation and placed base aggregate.
Work Scheduled for the Week of May 23, 2011:
• Utility Contractors will continue with site restoration.
• The contractor will continue excavation, grading and placement of stone material for the new
roadway along 143rd Street and LaGrange Rd.
• The contractor will place and fine grade the capping stone in preparation of roadway concrete
placement along 143rd Street.
• The contractor will continue storm sewer removals and installation along Lagrange Road.
• The contractor will begin the installation of irrigation and electrical conduits along 143rd Street.
The Stage 1 traffic control is currently in place for 143rd St. and for LaGrange Road. Please
use caution when driving through the work zone.
Property owners will be notified prior to work which will impact their driveway access.
Daily single lane closures will be used on LaGrange Road and 143rd Street as needed, and will be noticed
as they are scheduled via direct email advisories and Media outlet releases.
Substantial completion for the Orland Park portion of this massive multi-year project is November 11,
2011. Any comments, call Public Works at (708) 403-6350.

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