Friday, May 20, 2011

Proud to have been tapped to help our community in Orland Park

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I am very proud to have been asked by Jim Hickey and the board of the Orland Fire Protection District to help provide communications services for their many great programs. I have complete confidence in Jim Hickey and new trustees Blair Rhode and Chris Evoy that they will do a tremendous job to implement the mandate of the public and the taxpayers to manage spending while maintaining the highest quality fire department. I have confidence all of the trustees will do their best to do what's in the best interests of the district's taxpayers.

I know that good public servants like Hickey, Evoy and Rhode are often attacked anonymously by people who refuse to  identify themselves. But I also know that people who attack from behind anonymous walls usually represent the real problems. The namecalling and attacks and criticism by a few anonymous disgruntled people we are seeing is a sign that the complaints by these anonymous people really have no substance, that they are really politically motivated. If the only way you can speak out is to do so anonymously and with namecalling and cowardly attacks, then it suggests your arguments and claims have no real substance.

As a long time resident of Orland Park, I'm looking forward to doing my part to help the district. And, I am proud to be able to do it for far less than what was being charged to the District in the past. I know that is one of the important mandates demanded by the voters and that Jim Hickey, Chris Evoy and Blair Rhode had publicly made a commitment to better managing the costs.

I've received many calls from firemen and firefighters who welcomed me to the service of the Orland Park Fire Protection District. I am  looking forward to the chance, after next week's meeting, to work for the benefit of all of the people of Orland Park.

Thanks for the opportunity
Ray Hanania

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