Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Village police should crack down on these independent snow plow trucks

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A red truck just got through plowing the driveways of several homes on Kingston Avenue at Windsor Drive and piled the snow in the middle of the street against the Northwest corner of one of the homes it plowed. The pile of snow is blocking half of Kingston. You might think that people living on that street would be upset that their neighbors had their driveways plowed and let the hawker pile the snow in the street.

That's as bad as people snow blowing their driveways but instead of blowing the snow onto their grass areas, they blow the snow (and even shovel the snow) in to the street.

Why not make it dangerous for drivers?

I called the Public Works Department but they said I should get the driver's license plate number and call the police. His plates were covered up with snow, maybe. And the telephone number on the side of the red pickup truck (708-577-1200) doesn't ring to anyone. It says that I have to try calling again.

If people don't monitor these things, I guess it's impossible for the village and the police to do anything about it too.

-- Ray Hanania

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