Monday, February 28, 2011

Preckwinkle lives up to her promise

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I wasn't convinced but she did it, pushing through the continued repeal of the remaining portion of the Todd Stroger 1 Percent Sales Tax that was led originally by Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman. Gorman persistently pushed the repeal and Preckwinkle made it a part of her campaign platform.

It's a little surprising Not surprising was the hemming and hawing from several pro-tax commissioners like Deborah Sims.

But the tax was rolled backed 1/2 percent before the election, thanks to Gorman's persistence. And now it's rolled back another 1/4 percent, leaving 1/4 percent remaining to be phased out by 2013. That isn't soon enough, but what choice to taxpayers have in Cook County?

The tax was doing great damage to the county and it is unnecessary. The County should trim back waste -- starting with Sims. But voters in her district want to be taxed out of existence so the county is stuck with her for four more years.

The rollback will SAVE taxpayers $180 million a year, a small amount to makeup for county officials who can easily trim back waste. Gorman had several budgetary savings proposals that Preckwinkle had killed -- not that Preckwinkle is against eliminating waste. It might just be she doesn't want to be one-upped by Gorman.

-- Ray Hanania

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