Friday, January 28, 2011

I never ate at Fatburger because I don't like Kanye West

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Kanye West was such an arrogant boor, so why should his hamburgers taste good?

You may not see the logic, but a guy who is so outrageous to steal the stage from a young woman winning her very first major music award, Taylor Swift, doesn't deserve to get my money.

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Let's face it. No on said that Fatburger was a great place to eat. They said I should eat there because Kanye West owns it. Really? Well then, not going there because I don't like Kanye West is a justified reason.

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I could never understand the concept. An expensive fat hamburger? Most hamburgers today are junk. I won't eat at McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy's. Why? Because they're not healthy. I definitely won't eat at White Castles and Taco Bell with their 30 percent meat and 70 percent junk filler in their tacos lost me at "hello."

And did he ever come out to Orland Park? Well, some might ask, why should he? Well, if he wanted my dollar, maybe he should have dropped on by. But that's the point, he just wants me dollar. It has nothing to do with great food. It's all about the money. And frankly, Kanye West is not the kind of guy I'd like to help get rich.

Unless, of course, he repents and suddenly turns in to a nice guy. Then maybe, maybe, I might want to help him.

-- Ray Hanania

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