Monday, January 10, 2011

Gorman on the saving homes along 143rd street

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Dear Editor:
Over the past several years, my office has been working hard to save the homes along 143rd Street in Orland
Park by facilitating negotiations between the Forest Preserve District and the Village of Orland Park. It is my pleasure to announce that the Forest Preserve District Board of Commissioners has voted unanimously to allow a permanent easement of 17 feet for a span of 1000 feet on the north side of 143rd Street.

Through this agreement, the Village of Orland Park will generously deed almost 14 acres of land to the Forest
Preserve District which includes 10.9 acres of wetlands near 135th and Wolf Rd. and an additional 3 acre parcel across the street from the wetlands. At the same time, outstanding litigation between the Forest Preserve District and Standard Bank & Trust has been settled resulting in the Forest Preserve purchasing approximately 52 acres of land adjacent to the land being deeded by Orland Park. The net result is that the Forest Preserve District will be adding nearly 60 acres to its holdings and the homes along 143rd Street will be saved while providing a safer roadway.

I am very grateful to the staff of the Forest Preserve District, Friends of the Forest Preserve and other
environmental groups, Gallagher & Henry and my staff for the endless hours that we worked with Village Manager, Paul Grimes, and Planning Director, Bob Sullivan of Orland Park, to negotiate and finalize this important agreement to improve the quality of people’s lives in our community.

Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman
Cook County Commissioner, 17th District

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