Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kristen McQueary doing PR for Renee Kosel?

Kristen McQueary, the narrowly-focused hard-hitting writer for the SouthtownStar did a nice hatchet job on Dick Kelly who is running for the 81st house District against incumbent Renee Kosel. (The district is the same one I ran in 16 years ago).

Although I haven't had much contact with Kelly over the years -- and Kosel doesn't talk to "Democrats" -- it seems McQueary's attack against Kelly might be one-sided.

Click here for the link to the story.

Although McQueary picks and chooses who she hammers -- she's no different than most other writers -- she did a nice job of fist-bumping Kosel, the do-nothing Republican incumbent who has held the legislative seat for the past 10 years. (She makes her predecessor Larry Wennlund look like a genius.)

McQueary loves to dish out the criticism, but her colleagues report she has a very thin skin when it comes to any criticism of her. (They call her "Miss Touchy.") Too bad. Of course, maybe she's looking for something beyond as the SS is struggling like all community newspapers these days. A great newspaper squeezed by it's selfish owners -- Wow. Nothing's changed since I was last there in 1985.

-- Ray Hanania

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