Monday, November 10, 2008

Inundated with letters and thanks ...

I am humbled by how many people now read this blog in Orland Park and by all the email letters I am receiving. Thank you.

I try to reply to every email. I know that Orland Park is run by a vindictive dictator so I am careful when I do post a letter I will not post your name to protect you from Mayor McLaughlin's wrath. The guy is just mean.

But clearly, from the emails from within the and from the employees, there is a LOT of dissastifaction in Camelot.

Residents are upset about the rising fees, and the taxes, and the mayor's broken promise on the tax rebate. You should be. You deserve better.

If Orland Park is going to be the great town all the fluff and PR claims it already is, the mayor will have to do a better job of managing the excess waste in government and trim the fat, starting with his office.

It is amazing how the Mayor is responding directly to this little blog by pushing fluff press releases in the local newspapers that talk about how great he is and how great his programs are and how great everything he does is.

Congratulations Your Greatness!

-- Ray Hanania

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  1. I agree. The Mayor is a typical politican who tries to paint a good picture of his performance. Unfortunately, he's a poor listener and like a good politician ignores his constituents. We should not fear The Mayor or any politician: they should fear us.

    George A. Tarasuk