Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orland Park tax Rebates WILL be lower, not "might be"

Orland Park officials said it clearly that the budget problems (and didn't say their failure to look ahead) would cause them to alter the way they define the village tax rebate and return only a portion of it to taxpayers.

That's a reversal on their promise to return the entire village tax rebate to homeowners that they insisted they were doing not as a political move but to compensate for the huge amount of retail stores they had attracted to Orland Park which has caused an enormous traffic jam in the village for the past decade. The traffic has been terrible.

The village said they would deduct a portion to pay the pension bill for the village to cover the enormous pension benefits for the villages elected officials -- why not just give yourselves a pay increase, too while you are at it, and hire a second over-salaried person to work with the high-salaried Village Manager you already hired, Paul Grimes. Or, maybe, buy a few more homes including from a few people you know, and then try to resell them to help them out -- not the village of course.

It would be nice if the media pretending to cover the Village of Orland Park "full time" at least got the story right. Everyone else int he village knows the facts.


-- Ray Hanania

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