Sunday, October 19, 2008

One sided report in the Joliet-Herald News about the 81st District Race

You'll have to dig hard to read any real analysis of the state representative race in the 81st District between incumbent Republican Renee Kosel and Democrat Rich Kelly. So far there hasn't been any fair or balanced reporting at all. This story is a good example that showcases Renee's "achievements" in office -- I can't believe she is taking credit for building i-355 and the reporter let her get away with it :)

Anyway, here's the link. Forget the quotes and use it for background on the two candidates. I expect Kosel will be sending this out in her campaign literature. Too bad. We need someone to do some critical reporting in this race but we won't get it, again.

Click here's for the link.

-- Ray Hanania

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