Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More fee hikes (back door tax hikes) in Orland Park ...

The fees associated with the "Water Bills" are going up and so are taxes in the Village of Orland Park through back door means. When they lower your property tax rebate, that means they are RAISING THE TAXES YOU WILL BE PAYING even if the crafty and clever Mayor of Orland Park Dan McLaughlin doesn't want you to believe it and he has the lemmings on the Village Board nodding their fins in agreement.

Now, they are also increasing fees for some recreation programs. The Recreation Department has one of the best programs in the Southwest Suburbs. But the village officials should at least be HONEST and amdit they are not holding down fees and taxes and costs in this horrible economy. They are doing what everyone else is doing except they don't wan tto be honest about it.

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