Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And who says rates haven't gone up?

I love the way some on the Village Board play with words. Well, rates didn't go up but your bill did go up.

Remember, here's the link to the analysis of the "Water Bills" over the past four years that I did. Why doesn't the village just be HONEST? The costs are going up dramatically. And they addressed the issue (according to my source in the Village Finance Department) because of complaints and questions raised by my analysis of the "Water Bills."

Here's the link to the original analysis I did on the Orland Park "Water Bills."

Finance Director AnnMarie Mampe says "there is no increase in rates" in the past three to four years from Waste Management. Baloney. Go back and read my analysis and you explain it.

Yet, waste removal rates went up 20 percent.

At least Trustee Jim Dodge is on the ball and showing concern.

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  1. Everything is nice and Fluffy per the Mayor Fluffy.