Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orland Park Resident Files Elections Board Complaint Against Maher

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Orland Park Resident Files Elections Board Complaint Against Maher

(Orland Park, Illinois) – 17th District Cook County Commissioner candidate Patrick Maher has had trouble telling the truth about his criminal past as reported by as reports from Fox News Chicago, the Southtown Star, and the Daily Herald attest.

That trouble telling the truth has cost Mr. Maher plenty as even traditional Democrat constituencies have walked on Mr. Maher.

Now Mr. Maher may be in more trouble with the law, Illinois state election law to be specific.

A complaint filed yesterday with the Illinois State Board of Elections (attached) by Orland Park resident Paul Cervenka alleges that Mr. Maher has improperly been using public funds from the Orland Fire Protection District where Mr. Maher serves as the board chairman to advance his political campaign for county commissioner.

Mr. Cervenka’s complaint points to taxpayer-funded newsletter sent out by the Orland Fire Protection District which feature Mr. Maher on the cover detailing all of his alleged accomplishment. The content of the government newsletters bears a striking similarity to the content on Mr. Maher’s campaign website, according to the complaint.

“At a time when public resources are scarce and working families are hurting, Mr. Maher’s use of taxpayer funds to advance his political interests is something that the State Board of Elections should look at and I’m glad a 17th District resident took it upon themselves to file the complaint,” said Cook County Republican Party Chairman Lee Roupas. “No matter who does it, using taxpayer funds to play politics is simply wrong.”

This is not the first time Mr. Maher has been confronted with the allegation of using taxpayer funds for political purposes. In the primary, his Democrat opponent dr. Victor Forys made the same allegation against Mr. Maher.

The use of public funds for political purposes is clearly proscribed under 10 ILCS Sec. 5/9-25.1. In another case in the 17th Cook County Commissioner District entitled Orland Township First Party v. The Orland Township Board (2009), the Illinois State Board of Elections intervened and made township officials reimburse the township for improperly using a taxpayer-funded township newsletter to advance their political candidacies.


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