Sunday, September 19, 2010

Plane banner recalls Orland Park shooting death of young man one year ago

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A small plane flew over Orland Park and around the immediate region today at around 2 pm pulling a banner that began, "RIP Jorge Mena ..."

Many people may wonder who Jorge Mena was. He was a 20 year old kid. His friends were students at Sandburg High school. The details were explained on a special tribute page posted on Facebook for Jorge Mena by his older sister, Melissa, who wrote:

In honor of Jorge Mena, there will be an aerial banner flying over Frontier Park in Orland Park and surrounding area at approximately 2pm on Sunday, Sept 19. It will also fly through Palos and Worth to Holy Sepulchre cemetary. Remember to keep Jorge in your prayers when you see the banner in the sky.

Mena, who was only 20 on Saturday Sept. 19, 2009, was killed during what police described as a drug-related robbery at his home at the 97th block of Ravinia Court. He was with his girlfriend at the time.

The news reports last Fall detailed a real tragedy and the same day, police arrested three Orland Park men, Brandon E. Hambrick, 21, Elry R. Lyle, 19 and Fadi A. Alkarim, 19. All three were charged with first-degree murder.

During the robbery, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Mena's girlfriend, a law enforcement source said. A struggle then took place and Mena was shot once in the back, while Lyle was wounded in the leg, police said. Police reported finding a "significant amount" of marijuana on the scene.

Lyle was wounded during a scuffle. Hambrick was hiding in a shed and Alkarim was arrested at his home.

It was only the second murder of the year in Orland Park. Many may recall the events as the air was filled with police helicopters, too, as they searched the region for the suspects.

Click HERE to view Jorge Mena's tribute page on Facebook.

There hasn't been any updates on the killing or the status of the three suspects who were denied bond a week after the killing in Bridgeview court.

However, Lyle remains in custody at the Cook County Department of Corrections. He's listed as being a sex-offender on the Village of Orland Park's Sex Offender list. CLick here to view the Village Sex Offender List. No other information is listed for Alkarim or Hambrick.


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