Saturday, July 24, 2010

Something needs to be done about the Orland Park pool

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The place is turning in to skank-ville, and I hate to say that because I love the pool and have been a member for years.

There are people coming to the pool that shouldn't be there. And it's not a shocker that there is an increase of thefts taking place. Like the other day when a friend looked up from the pool and saw a woman walking away with her pool bag. At first she thought it was a person with the same bag but she quickly realized this lady -- a skank -- was walking through the pool area ripping people off.

My wife and son were at the pool the other day and this skank lady and her sad son decided to plop themselves down on their lawn chairs while they were sitting in them. And when my wife asked her what she was doing, she said she wanted to sit down there. "Got a problem?" Yea, I have a problem lady.

People who steal from others do just that, plop down on your sitting area and steal your belongings.

When you can't even feel safe with your property at the pool, that's about the time when you have to start wondering what the hell is happening at the pool. Skank-ville.

How about this. Ban non-residents from using the pool. Restrict the daily fee entrance even more. By the time a family of five pays for everyone to buy a day-pass, they might as well kick in the few extra bucks and buy a family membership.

And, maybe the village should put some undercover police or security working the pool so when we catch one of these crooks, we make an example of them.

The village needs to toughen up the dress code, and not only warn pool goers that they should put their valuables in lockers or not bring them at all, but to also warn that anyone caught stealing will face a stiff penalty. It's not the vale of the object stolen that is the issue. The issue is that you have to worry about your belongings because so care-less skank is wandering around trying to rip the place off.

Implement a No Skank policy. Ban the skanks. Or watch the pool turn into a ghetto.

-- Ray Hanania

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