Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Orland brings Wind Power demonstration to village as part of SmartLiving program

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Village of Orland Park to Host Wind Power Demonstration

ORLAND PARK, IL – Wind power will soon come to the Village of Orland Park when a wind turbine is temporarily installed at the Village Center, south of the Village Hall at 147th Street and Ravinia Avenue.

“This will be an interesting display showing some of the newest technology,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin.

The Village of Orland Park unveiled its SmartLiving Orland Park Program in early August, announcing a community wide green initiative tailored for residents and commerce.

“This technology presents an attractive alternative to wind turbines because the blades can be problematic in areas such as ours that have ice and snow part of the year,” said Trustee Patricia Gira, chair of the village’s Recreation, Parks and Environmental Initiatives Committee. 

“This unit is quite attractive and looks like a piece of kinetic art. At 30 feet tall, it doesn’t dominate a landscape as the wind turbines we are accustomed to seeing in photos. Additionally, this harness for wind energy is also quite reasonably priced,” she added.

The turbine will be installed on Saturday, October 10 and will remain at the Village Center until October 15. On Monday, October 12, the manufacturer will conduct a demonstration at 9:00 a.m., showing how the appliance works.

“Most people think of wind farms that include turbines with huge propellers,” the mayor said. “What we will have at the Village Center is newer and more appropriate for tighter urban areas,” he added.

According to the manufacturer, the unit is appropriate for use at residential, business and commercial buildings. Built entirely in the United States the demonstration wind turbine is a 30-foot tall, propeller free, vertical axis designed for harnessing power in urban, suburban and rural locations. The patented technology maximizes energy conversion from wind into electrical power, regardless of changing wind speed and direction.

Orland Park Director of Parks and Buildings Frank Stec facilitated the village’s demonstration. “We’re not endorsing one manufacturer over another. We simply want to continue to educate our residents on the many possibilities available,” Stec said. “There are so many ways to be a part of the village’s green initiative and wind power is one part of the big picture,” Stec added.

Gira added, “My understanding is that this machinery utilizes extra capacity in an auto parts manufacturing plant in Michigan and is built by unemployed auto workers. I think this presents a wonderful situation where newer, green technology benefits a community's environment, reduces energy costs, and employs Americans in a new industrial frontier.”
McLaughlin added, “I think it’s great that they’re setting this up as an educational display. With the demonstration being on Columbus Day, maybe we’ll have some kids come up to see yet another source of power.”

The public is invited to the Monday, October 12 demonstration that will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Orland Park Village Center, 14700 South Ravinia Avenue.


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