Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spectacular 4th of July Fireworks, despite dark & gloomy Global Warming clouds above

It was a little shorter this year but the Orland Park 4th of July fireworks celebration didn't let anyone down and lived up to its reign as one of the best in the suburban Chicagoland region.

The crowd was down, mainly because it rained all day -- that's what we get for ignoring former vice president Al Gore's warnings about global warming and allowing former vice president Dick Cheney (the anti-Christ -- although that's unfair to the anti-Christ) to diss the whole concept. But what a night. It was worth it.

Aaron was disappointed only because the rain kept him away from enjoying the handful of carnival rides set up on what last year was where everyone laid out their lawn chairs. We bought two new ones from Dick's sporting goods with the American Flag Design -- I wonder if wearing the American Flag on your chair is any different than someone wearing it on their jeans?

The carny folks wouldn't let us recoup the lost money for the tickets -- no rain check. Still, he got to enjoy a few of the rides. And then we sat and (this year without a picnic basket, and me with no cigar) waited and played catch until the fireworks started. The weather held out just perfectly for us to enjoy the fireworks after an introductory speech and welcome from the bandshell by Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin.

Here are some videos I took ... there are more on my Facebook page which I think you will enjoy -- not everyone got to enjoy the fireworks so I thought at least this might be the next best thing.

Happy 4th of July and birthday America. (Maybe we can grow out of our anger. Do they give prescriptions for countries with ADHD to calm them down? Or is President Barack Obama our ADHD medication to chill us out and get us focused on our talents rather than on our fears?)

Hey. What's a 4th of July (or a Ray Hanania blog post without some commentary?)

Love it or leave pals!

-- Ray Hanania

This is the finale, which was spectacular.

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