Tuesday, April 7, 2009

names, names, names -- Maher's make for much confusion and fighting

First, the "Mahers" related to Village Clerk Dave Maher slammed the Maher's related to Gerald Maher allegedly for telling people they are related. They're not. The Maher's are two big families and, conincidentally, their main profession seems to be politics.

Dave Maher's son is Patrick Maher, president of the Orland Fire Protection District. Gerald Maher is running against Dave Maher's running mate, Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin, in today's election. Gerald Maher is also the brother of Robert Maher, the Orland Township Supervisor who is seeking re-election to a second term and being challenged by Paul O'Grady, who has the backing of the Mahers (Dave and Patrick and their slate) but not the Mahers (Gerald and Robert and their slate). (O'Grady has some 19th Ward friends but he is NOT related to the former controversial sherif Jim O'Grady. His friend from high school is an O'Grady successor, Sheriff Tom Dart.)

Confused? Don't feel alone. A few days ago, in reviewing the Orland Park elections, the Chicago Tribune mixed up a photo of the Maher's and put a photo of Gerald Maher in the place for Dave Maher. Ooops!

I haven't even included Brian Maher, who is a trustee in Tinley Park and cousin of Dave and Patrick Maher.

This week also, a letter has been circulating from the Orland Township Republican Organization slamming the Dave and Patrick Maher side of the unrelated Maher family.

Can we call the Maher's a clan? Wouldn't it be easier on everyone if the political fight was between two families with different names like the Hatfields and the McCoys? Actually, I think this Maher duel is more ferocious and the Hatfield and McCoy fued ever was.

I'm sure we all can't wait until this election is over. Although in the dust and muck, voters did get a chance they would be denied in an uncontested race, to mull the local issues that impact all of us. So for that, we should all give a big shout out of thank yous to the Maher's, the McLaughlin's, the O'Grady's, the O'Hallorans, and the Younkers and Yunkers (another name similarity which I am sure was definitely politically intentional).

-- Ray Hanania

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