Friday, January 23, 2009

Add one more fee increase to tax and fee-overwhelmed Orland Park

With the increases in property taxes from the village and the Fire Protection District (they should change their name to the "Fire Taxation District with no Ambulance Service for Seniors in Need") already at an ALL-TIME high, now the village Mayor and trustees plan to smack us with another whammy, an increase in the vehicle sticker fee.

Cash-strapped Orland Park seems to have lost its promised vision of good government leadership and they are grabbing at every possible way to hike taxes, fees and reduce services.

And, what's really not surprising, is that they will use their high-cost bloated and unresponsive PR Machine to tell us that the vehicle tax increase won't be as high as it could be, so we should be thankful. Or, maybe the press release -- if it is ever released -- will note that "Dramatic increase in Vehicle Stickewr Fee" avoided by adept management by Mayor and Trustees.

Yeah, right!

-- Ray Hanania

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