Friday, December 19, 2008

Middle Eastern businessmen targeted by robbers in Southwest Suburbs

Tinley Park officials are reporting that Middle Eastern businessmen are being targeted by robbers who are following the businessmen as they leave their businesses to their homes int he Southwest suburbs, robbing them at their homes and even in their driveways.

Tinely Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki issued an alert Friday.

"Tinley Park along with several other suburbans have experienced some late night robberies of Middle-Eastern business men. These men have businesses in the city and take the day's receipts home with them. They are followed home and than either in the driveway or the home itself is robbed," Zabrocki said in his statement.

The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC Chicago) has reached out to Mayor Zabrocki to offer any assistance in helping to get the word out or any support that might assist the police in confronting the suspects and stopping the robberies, according to ADC Chicago President Fadi Zanayed.

-- Ray Hanania

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