Sunday, February 8, 2009

GOP still rules roost in Orland Park

As many people who read know, Elizabeth Doody Gorman, the Republican Committeeman of Orland Township and member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, has had her share of criticism. But the criticism had more to do with her leadership as the former Cook County Republican Party Chairman. Seems her personal political agendas always got in the way of the Cook County Republican Party's best interests. In the last election, for example, she only slated one candidate to run for countywide office, a friend who challenged and hurt the only serious Republican contender in the election, Tony Peraica, also a county commissioner constantly at odds with Gorman who ran but lost the race for Cook County State's Attorney.

(One thing I keep telling you folks is that the reason voter turnout in Cook County's suburban elections is so low is that the politics out here is so darn confusing.)

But, I have to give Gorman credit. Despite her countywide leadership challenges and long gone associations with people like former Chicago Alderman and Democratc-turned-Republican Ed "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak, she has actually managed to bring together a formidable collection of local GOP activists.

And, she even managed to launch a web site for the Orland Township Republican Organization. I know, it's hard to believe an important organization wouldn't have a web site. But it happens, folks. (Not having the internet or a web site is like not having a telephone and a listing in the Yellow Pages, for those of my dad's generation.)

Which brings me to another achievement. Type in the words Orland Township Democratic Party on Google (that's a search engine on the World Wide Web for those dinosaurs who don't know) and whose web site turns up?

Gorman's Orland Park Township Republican Party blog is 3rd in line, which is, by itself, a major achievement. Number one on the Google listing is a letter from one of Gorman's precinct captains, Mark Daniel, in the Daily Southtown/Star from Feb. 2, 2009. (Who happens to be my neighbor. I'd say he is a "good friend" too, but I don't want to hurt his standing with his GOP colleagues! LOL -- that's Internet lingo for "Lot's of laughs" or "Lot's of Love.")

This blog and web site ( holds many of the top spots as a widely read news and blog sites. And there are listings for some candidates like judges, and more information on, you bet, Elizabeth Doody Gorman.

Now I am not saying thet Gorman is a Democrat. She's not. The Township is solidly Republican and is a major part of the Senate District of Senate Republican Minority Leader Christine Radogno, who has been on my radio show often. (Her 41st Senate District swings all the way from LaGrange, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, and Darien in the North to Most of Orland Park, Tinley Park, Lemont, new Lenox, Mokena and Frankfort.)

But it sure says something about leadership when you keep flipping through the Google index under "Orland Park Democratic Party" and you don't find one listing for Orland Park's "Democratic Party" headed by embattled Orland Park Mayor AND Orland Park Democratic Committeeman Daniel McLaughlin. (Orland Park has a GREAT Village Web site, thanks to the
IS Department, of course.)

But no web site for the Orland Park Democratic Organization. I know they have fundraisers. I know they have meetings. They have precinct captains, although you have to be friendly when they come knocking on your doors because some are a long way from home having to drive here all the way from the Chicago Machine's confines in the 19th Ward in Chicago. (Be polite when they say, "Eh. Is der a maul erawnd eair?" If you don't understand Chicago-ese, just shrug your shoulders and reply in their language, "Da Bulls. Da Bears. Da mayr!")

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